We are a community of food lovers. Some of us make money from food, some of us are into nutritious food, some of us just love to feed people, and some of us just love to eat food. We are committed to improving the quality of cooking Nigerian foods and making them globally acceptable. You can follow us on Instagram @tcncooksandfoodies.

Omokayode Omotalade
Community Governor

Omokayode Omotalade is a lover of food and fine dining. He was born in Lagos and grew up on a mini animal farm in his parents backyard. After spending 8 years in the banking , he decided it was time to pursue his childhood dream of owning a farm/ranch, so in 2014 he founded Healisob Nigeria Limited.

Healisob Nigeria Limited is an agro processing company and since it’s founding it has been involved in trading in commodities like cashew nuts, charcoal, rice, and vegetable oil. They have also run an oil palm farm and a small scale palm oil processing outfit. Healisob Nigeria Limited is registered with the Nigerian Export Promotion Council

In 2019, Healisob birthed the Baron Food Group that focuses on the distribution of proteins across Lagos metropolis. The vision of the Baron Food Group is to provide the freshest and most hygienic proteins to all his clients. They are currently working on becoming HACCP certified. He is the third generation of his family to be involved in the food business. His grandmother and mother had at one time and another run a catering business.

Our Weekly Activities
Hangout/Cooking session
Review weekend zoom session/Introduction of the topic for the week
Food Business Hack/Share business solutions videos/ Share videos on how to prepare the meal for the weekend
Discuss the food to be prepared over the weekend./Discuss food business solutions/ Discuss the topic for the week.
Discuss the food to be prepared over the weekend./Discuss food business solutions/ Discuss the topic for the week.
Zoom session
Sharing videos and pictures of food cooked.
Target Members
Food lovers, people who are bored with their current food options and are looking to experience and try new things, people who want to go on food adventures, people who run food businesses and want to scale, people who want to start a food business, people who want to learn about nutritional and medicinal uses of food.
Previous Speakers
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Rayo Ahenmokhai
Obafeyikemi Luther of Wildfresh
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