Tech. and Creatives Community is aimed at promoting prospective entrepreneurs with business ideas, technology enthusiasts at different levels, group of start-up business founders with a goal of scaling up and much more.

Content Creation Group

A community for people who are passionate about using online strategies, tactics and tools to develop impactful content online and also for those who are interested in learning.

Digital Technology Group

The Digital Technology community group of the covenant nation is a melting pot of technology enthusiasts at different levels. Members come from a wide range of backgrounds - medical practitioners , business consultants, stay-at-home parents, world class cyber security experts, entrepreneurs, program


The Media Group is part of the Entrepreneurs, Tech & Creatives Stream of the TCN Covenant Community Groups.

Movies, Film & Theatre Business

Film & Theatre Group is a community of individuals with common interests in the film, tv and theatre industries – actors, producers, directors, screen/script writers, stage/set and costume design, camera, props, location etc

Music Group

The music community group is for those involved in the performance, production and the business of Music

New Skills

The world is constantly evolving, and it is important that we evolve alongside so we are not left behind.