The Politics 101 group is a community for people who are interested in or actively involved in politics. Members of this group share strong political values and believe in Nation building, unity and development of a new Nigeria. Members are enjoined to be the change by being actively involved in nation building and citizen engagements. Also to develop skills on how to become more politically savvy in Rebuilding the walls of our Nation Nigeria.
Akin Adesanya
The Governor
Akin Adesanya is an oil and gas specialist/strategic business development expert with well over two decades of versatile experience in the international oil and gas industry. He is an acknowledged mentor, coach and teacher with strong management and organisational skills
Akin is pragmatic and very passionate about people with interest in governance and good policy advocacy for nation building and development. He loves to build friendly relationships, lead with emotional intelligence and be part of a new generation of change-agents intentionally building new values and political influence at all levels. He was a foundational member of the community group and led various groups in past semesters.
Our Weekly Activities
Week 1. Inauguration /Intros/Chatham House Rule
Week 2. Political Ideologies & Principles of Democratic Government
Week 3. Getting into Governance: Getting involved in Politics
Week 4. Understanding Citizens Rights and Obligations
Week contd..
Week 5. Understanding the Civil Service Structure & working with Public Servants
Week 6. Breaking into Mainstream Politics
Week 7. Understanding the power of a legislature to reform a nation e.g. Health, Education, Housing and others
Week 8. The National Assembly and its inner workings
Week 9: Emotional Intelligence & Self Awareness / The role of a mentor
Valedictory Ceremony!!
Topical discussions/debates, Call a friend Friday, Team bonding activities; Video reviews; Social Media reviews, Article Review;