Family, Health & Lifestyle
This group is a gathering of single men and women who are between the ages of 40 and 59. They either have never been married, or are divorced, or are widowed (a widow or a widower).
Individuals who join this group are interested in:
I) Overcoming loneliness, the lack of a vibrant social lifestyle, and boredom by building meaningful relationships with other people in a similar age bracket and similar background.
II) Learning to date again and overcoming the cynicism of dating to find life partners (getting married)
Joyce Emaviwe
Community Governor

II 53 years old, and I am in paid employment working as a People & Culture Specialist. I reside in Lagos. I am divorced with no children. I enjoy reading, taking walks, watching movies and listening to gospel music. I serve in my local church centre as an Usher.

Our Weekly Activities

Part 1: Introduction

a) the highs and lows of the over 40 mature single
b) life can actually begin again when your over 40

Part 2: Mature Single Dating

c) How to find meaningful relationships when you are over 40
d) The A-Z of over 40s Christian dating
e) What’s sex got to do with it?
f) Can I date someone younger than me and if so what are some of the benefits and challenges?
Curriculum contd..

Part 3: Over 40s career clinic

g) What do I do when my career seems to have hit a logjam?
h) how can I make a late stage pivot from one career to another?
I) how can I build enduring connections with executive recruiters?
j) how can I brand myself as a thought leader in my profession and attract recruiters, conference organizers etc.
Curriculum contd…..

Part 4: Over 40s enterprise school

k) Transiting from being a mature career professional to being a successful business woman
l) Starting a business in your 40s or 50s
m) How to raise investments
n) How to pitch to investors
n)o) Managing a business in your 40s or 50s.