Healthcare Professionals
The Covenant Nation Healthcare Community Group comprises individuals who work, own businesses, provide services or are investors in the broad scope of the Healthcare industry. Our activities are centered around social and spiritual networking, building collaborative relationships, leadership and personal development, and critical skills acquisition to bring about the much-needed transformation to the healthcare industry.
Tomilola Musari-Martins
Community Governor

Dr. Tomilola Musari-Martins is a graduate of Medicine of Olabisi Onabanjo University Ogun state, Nigeria. She is a practising clinician at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, with over 10 years of clinical and research experience.

She is a resilient critical thinker and problem-solver and she provides evidenced-based clinical services to people with infectious diseases, especially vulnerable children, adolescents, and young adults.

She currently assists in the coordination of a multi-collaborative NIH grant and has co-authored several scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. She is happily married Olumuyiwa and blessed with 3 children.

Our Weekly Activities
Week 1 – 3
Establish Relationships
Chart Life and Career Path for next few years
Special Group program 1
Week 4 – 6
Achieving work- life Balance
Internal & External Networking
Special Group Program 2
Week 7 – 10
Personal Finance & Investments
Learning how to make healthy financial decisions
Special Program 3
Week 10
Wrap Up
Expected Members
Healthcare professionals
Owners and Investors in the Healthcare space.
Professionals interested in the Healthcare industry.
Previous Speakers
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