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You cannot successfully believe in your symptoms and the Good News of the completed work of Christ for healing at the same time. You must believe the Good News despite symptoms.
Reject the significance of symptoms if you want to receive healing. Believe and receive regardless of symptoms. It is always true that faith in Christ comes before symptoms disappear and never the reverse.
The Health and Fitness Community group has been set up to help you become a wise steward of the temple you live in.
If you desire to optimize your body, improve your health, heal, lose weight, find out what God says about your body, reduce stress levels and nurture it with life-giving foods, welcome to a community that will keep you accountable.
At the end of the session, you will be left with an appreciation of how wonderful and fearful you have been made and be armed with tools and habits to live a long and healthy life, physically, mentally and emotionally.
A big bonus is a community of friends for life.

Onyekachi Eke
Community Governor

Kachi is the Director for Global Markets, West Africa at IE University, Spain. Through her role, she directs the business strategy for the institution in West Africa, opening new markets and leading the commercial and operational business of the institution in the region – including student recruitment and
corporate business development. Prior to this, she was a corporate banker for several years at a leading bank in Nigeria. Subsequently, she ran her client services business focused on real estate development and small business consulting.
Kachi has a B.Sc in Economics from the University of Lagos and a MBA from IE Business School, Spain.
She is passionate about supporting people to reach their full potential.

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