The Family, Health & Lifestyle Community is for individuals (male and female) who live with and are raising a child or children, women who work from home (including stay at home mums). those who have a focus on lifestyle changes to improve their general physical wellbeing and many more.

Covenant Parents

Covenant Parents Community is a group of Intentional Parents who want to gain more knowledge on how to raise Godly children: and also build helpful relationships with one another.

Expectant Mums Group

This community is targeted at mums at various stages of pregnancy. Here we provide support in terms of resources and also lend a helping hand to mothers throughout their pregnancy/childbirth journey. Targeted areas include first-time mums, Mums with challenges during pregnancy such as overall wellne

Grief And Loss Assistance & Recovery Community (GLARC)

The Grief and Loss Assistance and Recovery Group (GLARC) was set up primarily for individuals who have experienced loss (death of a loved one) and desire assistance to regain stability, perspective and balance.

Health & Fitness

You cannot successfully believe in your symptoms and the Good News of the completed work of Christ for healing at the same time. You must believe the Good News despite symptoms.

Middle-aged Working Singles (Ready to Wed)

This group is a gathering of single men and women who are between the ages of 40 and 59. They either have never been married, or are divorced, or are widowed (a widow or a widower).

More Than Conquerors

The More Than Conquerors Community Group has the objective of helping people who just recovered from a terminal illness or are currently fighting a disease.


The newlyweds and honeymooners community group is specifically for newly married couples within the first 24 months of their marriage.

Purposeful Waiting

The Purposeful Waiting Community Groups are for people who are trusting God for a specific thing – job, the fruit of the womb, other various needs.

Senior Citizens

The Senior Citizens Community Group is targeted at both seniors who are planning retirement in a few years and seniors who are retired from the active workforce.

Single Parents

The single parents group is for individuals (male and female) who live with and are raising a child or children without a spouse.

Thriving Parents

Thriving parents group is for parents of children with special needs. We believe that God never overlooks a single one;

Work From Home Mothers

Work from Home Mothers community is a cohort of women who work from home (including stay at home mums).

Working Singles

A community designed to mentor and guide gainfully employed single, young/youthful men and women aged 39 and below, on a journey of transformation as they discover their true identity and purpose as the prerequisite for establishing meaningful and fulfilling courtships that lead to happy godly marri

Young Men’s Community

The Young Men’s Community is an initiative of TCN aimed at raising and mentoring young men to rise up to their position and responsibility as men in society in accordance with God’s word.