The Corporate Professionals Community is for the employed professionals who currently run a side business, individuals who work, own businesses, provide services, finance professionals across all experience levels, lawyers, judges and all other members of the legal profession and many more

Bankers Fellowship

The professional Bankers group is a meeting place that provides a forum for sharing ideas, insights and resources with other banking peers.

Finance Professionals

The TCN Finance professionals group is a community group of finance professionals across all experience levels; from entry to executive.

Healthcare Professionals

The Covenant Nation Healthcare Community Group comprises individuals who work, own businesses, provide services or are investors in the broad scope of the Healthcare industry.

HR Professionals

We are an inclusive group of HR professionals working together to enhance our professional profiles and careers as Christians working within the global HR professional community.

Legal Professionals

A fellowship for lawyers, judges and all other members of the legal profession, with the objective to positively influence the industry.

Marketing Executives

The marketing community is a group of professionals working in the marketing, communications, and advertising industry.

Middle Managers

Mid level Managers in corporate organizations are individuals that desire to grow into senior management roles. The semester will begin with 2 weeks of getting to know each other and building foundations for new networks.

Millennials At Work

The Millennials at Work Group is a group for high-flying young professionals in the corporate world. The group’s demography comprises millennials aged between 23 and 40.

New Managers

The New Managers Community Group, also known as ‘Kick Starters’ is a group meant for corporate professionals that are transitioning from team members to leaders.

People In between Jobs

People In Between Jobs is a community of individuals; professionals currently seeking clarity or change in their jobs or career path.

Sales Professionals

The Sales Community is a group of professionals working in the fields of Business-to-business (B2B) and Business-to-consumer (B2C) sales.

Senior Managers

The Senior Managers group is primarily focused on equipping upper middle to senior management level individuals with industry specific knowledge for C-suite level growth and fostering professional networking among community members.

The CEOs

Fellowship for CEOs and those in Boards of relatively large companies.

Women In Leadership

The Women in Leadership Community Group is a network of female professionals and entrepreneurs who are leaders in their organizations and industries. The program prepares members of this community to expand their influence and advance their leadership.

Working Mothers

This group embraces the full view of today's Proverbs 31 woman. It provides the practical and experiential knowledge working mothers need to be successful and bloom through the changing seasons of life - personal, relationships , career, and business within an atmosphere of love and trust.

Work & Study

At Work and Study Group, we use a number of tools and resources to help members build and strengthen the capacity to achieve their academic pursuits without hampering their professional goals.