These are small and medium sized enterprises with aspirations to grow their businesses along the lines of profitability, staff strength etc. while improving strategic visibility and operational efficiency.

Business Men’s Fellowship

The purpose of fellowship in this group is for exchange – First Spiritual exchange of insights of what has worked, by those who are practicing it with those just learning about this office.

Business Ideas Hub

This is a group of existing, budding, and prospective entrepreneurs with business ideas who require some form of clarity in implementation, putting the right structure and scaling.

Family In Business

The Family in Business group is a community for people in family owned businesses; this could be spouses, siblings, parents with their children or extended family.

Real Estate and Allied Services

This group brings together individuals currently active in the various segments of the real estate space and also welcomes individuals looking to enter the space.

Women In Business

The women in Business group is a community of women at various stages and experiences of running/owning businesses; ranging from Sole Proprietors to Limited Liability companies.