Dr OTEFE EDEBI is a medical doctor with 15 years’ experience practicing mental health. He is a fellow of the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria and holds a master’s degree in Managerial Psychology. He is also a NEBOSH certified Health and Safety personnel.

His experience spans over both the public and private sectors in mental health practice, hospital facility management, sales & marketing strategy, and leadership of both clinical and operational teams with diversity across gender, age, disciplines, and nationalities.

His experience in mental health practice has extended beyond individuals to both indigenous and international corporate organizations therefore providing him with extensive data which he has interpreted for research and development of mental health protocols, differentiated interventions and programs for both individuals and organizations.

He is passionate about mental and emotional well-being advocacy and awareness and one of his personal mantras is “if we desire to change the world we see, we must first change the world within.”

He is married to his best friend, and they are blessed with 2 children. He currently serves as the Medical Director of the Gracehill Place Hospital, a mental health, and addiction treatment facility.