Bankers’ Group

The Bankers’ group is a meeting place that provides a forum

for sharing ideas, insights and resources with other banking peers.

Abiola Aloba
Community Governor
Abiola has spent the last 8 years of his two decades career in banking across communications branding and cost management. Failure is not an option is the maxim that drives him.
Our Weekly Activities
Curriculum for current semester: Leadership (Perspectives and Analysis)
It is essential that group members read up on business books on leadership to contribute.

Topics may include but not limited to the following:

1. Manage Talent as a Strategic Asset
A steady pipeline of effective leaders ready to step up has myriad strategic benefits. It can lead to a stronger organizational culture, a workforce that is better prepared to thrive in dynamic conditions, and greater stability and resilience within the organization
2. Establish an Environment that Develops Successors
The focus should be on how to prepare successors, not simply identify them; learning should be emphasized over performance. Organizational environments should combine opportunities for successors to gain experience, exposure, and education.
Curriculum for current semester: Leadership (Perspectives and Analysis) continued
3. Orient Succession Planning Toward the Future
Firms must consider succession in the context of what leadership roles will look like in the long term rather than building succession plans based on current roles. This will ensure that future leaders are prepared to deal with a world that will differ from the present. It is also important to foster a mindset of constant personal growth so new leadership is prepared for dynamic business environments.
4. High Performance People Skills for Leaders
Build the confidence and capabilities to lead people and communicate with them more effectively on this highly practical programme.
5. Leading ChangeHarness the power of change. Rewire your thinking, transform your mindset and make change happen for your organisation.
Curriculum for current semester: Leadership (Perspectives and Analysis) continued.
6. Negotiating and Influencing Skills for Leaders
Learn how to influence, persuade and create valuable negotiations.
7. Decision Making Strategies for Leaders
Great leaders are decisive. Get the skills, knowledge and experience to make sound decisions in a complex and fast-paced environment.
Previous Speakers
Bukunmi Olaniyonu
Ini Onuk Abimbola
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