Covenant Community Groups
An initiative set up by The Covenant Nation to promote peer mentoring, relationships and networking


Consciously strive to understand and feel the experiences of others


Willingness to bare it all, being
amongst your trusted ‘company’ or family


Creativity and originality in provision of leadership for CGs


Mutual respect for and to the contributions of all participants at all levels.

CCG Vision and Mission


To promote peer mentoring, relationships and networking among like-minded people in similar stages/phases of their career/business, education and life journeys, with a view to creating fellowship, friendships and bonds that lead to smaller prayer cells”.


The purpose of these CGs is four-pronged:
a) To create channels of interaction for people with similar interests
b) To create an integration haven for new members of TCN
c) To foster integration, fellowship and
d) To mitigate missed opportunities as a result of unharnessed relationships within the Church.



These are small and medium sized enterprises with aspirations to grow their businesses along the lines of profitability, staff strength etc. while improving strategic visibility and operational efficiency.
The community is subcategorized as follows:

  • Business Ideas Hub
  • Business Men’s Fellowship
  • Family in Business
  • Real Estate and Allied Services

Corporate Professionals

This is a community for professional individuals working across various industries such as Finance, Telecommunications, Oil and Gas, Healthcare, FMCG, Civil Service, Legal and Advisory Services, etc. The group focuses on career development through various activities such as thought leadership sessions with industry experts, peer mentoring, focus group deliberations, etc. The group caters to budding and seasoned professionals across the various sectors.
The community is subcategorized as follows:

  • Banker’s Fellowship
  • Finance Professionals
  • Healthcare professionals
  • HR Professionals


This is a community which seeks to provide a platform for mentoring and career guidance for educators, students and scholars across various levels of education. This covers educators in the various level of education and people looking to further their education.
The community is subcategorized as follows:

  • Educators
  • Fresh Graduates
  • New Languages (New Skills)
  • Post Graduates

CCG Challenge

1. Share your CCG Story. How to Participate:
Create a 59 Seconds video sharing your CCG Testimonials
and how it has impacted your life

2. Use the Hashtag #MYCCGStory #CCGCHALLENGE in your
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This is a community for experienced and new business individuals seeking to upscale and possibly collaborate with other entrepreneurs locally or internationally.
The community is subcategorized as follows:

  • Cooks and Foodies
  • Emerging Entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurs Accountability Group
  • Events Et Al

Family, Health & Lifestyle

This community group focuses on supporting individuals through various seasons of their lives (singles, newlyweds etc.). The group not only empowers individuals to thrive in their various units in the society but also provides support around health, wellness, general well-being amongst others.
The community is subcategorized as follows:

  • Covenant Parents
  • Expectant Mums
  • Grief and Loss Assistance and Recovery Community (GLARC)
  • Health and Fitness


This community is for people who are interested in or actively involved in politics and a network of middle to senior civil/public servants across all levels of government, ministries, departments and agencies.
The community is subcategorized as follows:

  • People In Government (Senior Civil /Public Servants)
  • Politics 101

Tech & Creatives

This community is for individuals who are in or exploring the Tech, Innovation, Media, and Creative Industries. The group is designed to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing and upscaling of expertise.
The community is subcategorized as follows:

  • Content Creation
  • Digital Technology
  • Media
  • Movies Film and Theatre


This is a community that connects members and non-members of TCN for the purpose of networking and learning. As a community, we discuss, share ideas, and have experts speak to us about issues that are common to us as immigrants. These include Immigration, building and progressing in one’s career, Investments and Wealth Creation, Avenues to forging meaningful relationships, Parenting in the Diaspora, etc.
The community is subcategorized as follows:

  • Business Owners
  • Career
  • Finance
  • Parenting

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